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Shri Mataji is Shri Adi Shakti - An Incident

 This is a story from 1973-4. My mother was just recently introduced to Sahaja Yoga and to Shri Mataji. She was at the early stages of experiencing vibrations, experiencing within herself. At that time my parents were living in Ambanath, which is a suburb of Mumbai, and one day  someone rang the doorbell and my mum opened the door, and there was a sadhu or sanyasi wearing saffron robes. He presented himself and said that his guru had sent him because he had heard that my mother was a disciple of Shri Adi Shakti. My mother was dumbfounded because she didn’t expect anyone to come and ring the doorbell and say that. So my mum gave him self realisation, took his contact details and reported this to Shri Mataji.

Adi Shakti Puja, 1999

In fact after a few months  Shri Mataji came to our home in Ambanath and wanted to meet this person. And here he was,  with his guru, and Shri Mataji has told this story in many of Her speeches. This guru was one of the Naonath*, that is one of the nine great masters who stay in the Himalayas. He was a disciple of this great master, and then Shri Mataji went to his ashram. We noticed that this man was very silent, very humble, and very respectful  towards Shri Mataji, and this was because he had a total recognition  of who Shri Mataji was. We had a whole night of bhajans and all the night he was just silent, watching Shri Mataji’s Lotus Feet very very respectfully, as if he was doing some kind of a puja within his heart.

At the end he opened up a little bit and said ‘only You can do this job of giving Self Realisation.’ He said he had no hope for human beings and Shri Mataji asked why that was. He said that there were two of his disciples, who after many years of his training, of his meditation, were still smoking and still had a very bad agnya chakra. He didn’t know how to open it and could not forgive them. He said it was only a mother’s job to help them. So of course Shri Mataji promptly opened their agnya chakra and gave them Self Realisation.

These two disciples came running to Shri Mataji’s Feet and thanked Her, and said that their guru was very strict with them. In fact one of the disciples was hung upside down over a well because he was caught smoking. So this was a big memory which is very close to my heart, our first exposure of who Shri Mataji really was.

Nao Nath:

The Navanath (Sanskritनवनाथ), also spelt as Navnatha and Nao Nath in vernacular languages, are the nine saints, Masters or Naths on whom the Navnath Sampradaya, the lineage of the nine gurus is based.They are worshipped collectively as well as individually.


Suamitra Mullarpattan, translator of Nisargadatta Maharaj, gives the following list:

  1. Matchindra-Nath (9th Century), "who was said to be, initiated by one of the three primary Hindu gods (Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma), namely by Shiva, in the science and teaching of Yoga."[4]
  2. Goraksha-Natha
  3. Jalandhar-Nath
  4. Kanifanath
  5. Charapati-Nath
  6. Naganath
  7. Bhartari-Nath
  8. Revan-Nath
  9. Gahininath

Navnath pothi / Navnath Bhaktisar

The "Navnath Bhaktisar" also known as the"Navnath pothi" narrates the Navnaths' births, their lives and deeds. As the Navnath are strongly worshiped in Maharashtra, the book is written in Marathi. It is written by Malu Narhari. In this text, the author mentions at the end of each chapter that this text is a taken from original text which is also in Marathi 'Kimayagaar' by Gorakhnath, one of the Navnath.


The coming of the Navnath - or nine prophets - is mentioned in the MahabharataKrishna called a meeting of all demi-gods, angels and saints to give his message of how he would continue his message of spreading good after his mission is over on earth. Krishna said he would send his own light in the form of nine saints or prophets, who will go to different parts of earth and throughout the universe where life exists.

 Lord Krishna also mentions that these prophets or saints will spread the message of Love, overcoming obstacles in order to unite with Mahavishnu or Shiva or Shakti. Krishna said that they would help only those who have good souls and believers

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A vision of Lord Jesus Christ - Sahaja Yogini Maria Laventz

A vision of Lord Jesus Christ - Sahaja Yogini Maria Laventz

I was born in Athens in 1945 and as a child knew it was necessary for me to learn English, which I did at the age of eleven and it was most useful later when I met Shri Mataji. 

At the age of seventeen I had a vision of Lord Jesus in my house, during Easter time, the most frustrating period of the year for me, as I could not bear the crucifixion. Shri Jesus appeared on the cross and as He saw me so frustrated, the nails came off His hands and feet, He came down from the cross, and smiling He sat with me at a large empty dinner table. 

During His visit I asked why we sat at such a large table and He answered that it would soon be filled with people. He then asked me for a glass of water and some bread, and to touch His wounds. I felt a lot of pain and He said not to worry but to remember Him at a later date when the time was right.

A few years later I went to England and on the March 21st 1970 got married there. My real seeking started and by the mid-seventies I knew I was searching for ‘my Mother’. In about 1977, during a lunch break from work, in Wellingborough, in the Midlands, feeling very sad and depressed from my fruitless search, I walked into a bookshop and pulled out a magazine.

I opened a page at random and there was a picture of Shri Mataji. I knew, looking at that divine photograph, that my search was over, as I saw the One I had been looking for. Under the picture was the time and place of the meeting – 7.00 pm, Caxton Hall, London.

Meeting Shri Mataji

I drove to London immediately after work, arrived at Caxton Hall and found it absolutely packed with people. I squeezed through the crowd and found a seat in the third row exactly opposite Shri Mataji, who was wearing a white sari. In those days Shri Mataji, after Her talk, would get up and go to every single person, touching their heads and giving realisation. 

Anxiously waiting for my turn, after giving realisation to the person before me, She passed by, absolutely ignoring me, and on Her way to the next person I saw in a flash, Lord Jesus, as I had seen Him, when He asked me to remember Him years before. Overwhelmed, I touched Her sari, brought it to my forehead and silently sent out the thought: ‘My Lord, even touching Your gown is enough for me.’

Shri Mataji turned and came back to me. I embraced Her round Her waist and rested my head on Her Nabhi, crying my heart out.

‘Mother, at long last I have found You. May I please become Your daughter?’ I cried. She laughed in the same way Lord Jesus had done in my vision.

‘But you already are My daughter,’ She answered, and asked for a glass of water. Someone brought it to Her. She vibrated it and asked me to drink. I drank half of it and with the rest She washed my face. 

That was my first encounter with Shri Mataji.

Maria Laventz

Friday, 21 September 2018

HOMEOSTASIS & 'SAGAR-MANTHAN' via Sahaja Yogini Armaity Bhabha

HOMEOSTASIS & 'SAGAR-MANTHAN' via Sahaja Yogini  Armaity Bhabha

Before a state of homeostasis is reached in any sphere of existence,..... be it a human organism, ecological and environmental issues, those concerning a society and those dealing with economic, cultural and moral issues affecting humanity, there is always a period of turbulence which precedes it, so that all that is unwholesome, corrupt, and detrimental to the welfare of the whole is exposed for all to see and finally destroyed.

 What we are witnessing today at a global level is a churning or "sagar-manthan" of the modern age .... where only after this period of trial and error brought about by our collective wrong and unwise choices , the nectar or "the amrit" will finally emerge.

 Till then, atleast those of us who can remain a detached witness continue to do that and yet be proactive by putting our enlightened attention on what is happening.

As more and more people realize the truth and see their folly, the time is bound to come when all that is based on foundation of untruth, corruption, foulplay and pandering to lower instincts of men like hatred and greed is finally destroyed.

When such a day will dawn will entirely depend upon more and more human beings who will learn to give precedence to altruism rather than give in to their own selfish greed.

But the beginning has been made ..... but many many more need to be awakened !

Why Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

Why Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

Sahaja Yoga has a beneficial impact on every aspect of a person's life - that is mental, physical, material, emotional and spiritual life.

A rejuvenated human being finds unknown depths of energy and creativity to better his living conditions; and to lead a more meaningful life.

The practice of Sahaja Yoga makes a person calm and collected and able to cope more easily and effectively with the strains and stresses of life.

 It not only prevents but also cures the innumerable diseases which are the outcome of modern day living - such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, mental disorders ,etc.

There is increasing medical proof of the curative powers of Sahaja Yoga as per many experiments conducted.

 Its ability to cure alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction has been established beyond doubt. Sahaja Yoga has also cured several cases of paralysis,epilepsy, cancer and asthma among other diseases.

By bringing about an inner transformation of human beings, the benefits of Sahaja Yoga accrue not only to the individual but also to society, to the nation and ultimately to the entire humanity.

Sahaja Yoga brings about integration of all the major religions of the world.

Friday, 31 August 2018

The parakeet miracle - Sahaja Yogi Mark Williams

Forwarded from Sahaja Yogi Mark Williams:

This is a before and after (perhaps unbelievably only 10 hrs apart) of a parakeet we found in a park who had been blinded due to a combination of malnutrition and a virus.

The bird was completely blind and just sitting at the base of a tree waiting to die. We rescued the bird and sent photos to a vet. Both eyes were fused shut and were badly inflamed. They had said that the chance of saving the bird at all was pretty much zero.

So we cleaned it up, hand fed it (as it couldn't locate any food on its own) and gave it vibrations on and off for a few hours.... We could feel a lot of heat on the bird's face with left Swadisthan (the viral part of the disease presumably).

After much clearing (right vishuddhi finger holding a cold compress on the bird's eye, alternating eyes every 10 or so mins, left hand to Shri Mataji... working until the heat dissipated) and mantras (Shri Danavanthantri, Shri Ganesh, Shri Radha Krishna) the bird slept on the altar and strangely wouldn't leave it all night.

Next morning its eyes had opened and the second photo is the result. When we took it to the vet, he simply could not believe it and asked lots of questions about what we did.

He didn't even give medicine for the eyes, just something for nutritional recovery.

It was completely cured and it's sight completely restored. We will return her to her tree in a few days. Vibrations really are a miracle for us :)


Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Dr. Umesh C. Rai talks about his research on Sahaja Yoga in the Medical Press Conference in New Delhi

Dr Rai has researched at the Lady Hardinge Medical College and Associated Hospitals, New Delhi, on the role of Sahaj Yoga in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases.

He maintains that while with the advancement of the medical sciences, infectious diseases have been wiped out and heart and kidney transplants are quite successful, scientists have yet to find an answer for the treatment of psychosomatic diseases which are on the increase in the developed as well as the developing countries. Some such diseases are hypertension, migraine, bronchial asthma, epilepsy and others.

"The doctor of today practicing modern allopathic medecine has entered a stage of superspeciality whereby they appoint separate parts of the body to be treated by a specialist. Due to this approach doctors are not able to view disease as a disturbance to the whole organism. They treat a particular part of the body without taking into consideration the psychological and social aspects of the patients illness", says Rai. " One could be physically fit, but emotional problems or social isolation could make a person very sick."

He advises recourse to the ancient Indian sciptures like the Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, that mentioned yoga as the most essential technique to keep the body and mind healthy. This is true even today but there is a need for integration that is not merely inner but covers external life as well. "For yoga to be more relevant today, it needs to touch both the physical and mental aspects of health, which is encapsulated in the Sahaj Yoga. This science borders on all that which one is born with," says he.

It is based on our subtle nervous system. The dormant primordial energy is present in every individual in three and a half coils in the triangular bone called "sacrum"- The Kundalini, at the base of the spine. When this gets activated on doing Sahaj Yoga, it ascends and activates one's six subtle chakaras and piercing through Brahmarandhra, it unites with the all pervading cosmic energy."And with this actualisation in the limbic area of the brain, subtle cool vibrations start flowing from both palms and the top of the head. In this vibratory awareness, while one can feel what chakaras are blocked, on the other side one can work out the correction of these chakaras to cure different diseases.

To verify some of the claims of Sahaj Yoga, a systematic research study was organised in the physiology and medecine department of Lady Hardinge Medical College and Associated Hospitals in New Delhi.

The research projects studied were psychological effects of Kundalini awakening by Sahaj Yoga and the effect of Sahaj practise on psychosomatic diseases like hypertension and bronchial asthma.

In this video, we can see Dr. Umesh C. Rai , MBBS, MD, FIMSA, Director of the International Sahaja Yoga Research and Health Center, Mumbai talks about the healing miracles of Sahaja Yoga.
Professor Dr. Umesh C. Rai M.D. was the former head of the Physiology Department of Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry & professor in various medical colleges in Delhi. He has also authored a book - Medical Science Enlightened : New Insight into Vibratory Awareness for Holistic Health Care.

In this video he describes how he found the cure for essential hypertension, bronchial asthma, epilesy and even cancer through the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation. Being closely associated and holding important positions in various medical colleges in New Delhi, he had access to laboratories where he carried out his research work with his colleagues and students and was surprised to discover astounding results. He even carried out couple of his medical research on Sahaja Yoga in Russia.

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Madrid Public Programmer 1985 - Sahaja Yogi Javier Valderamma's experience

A discussion with Lord Jesus

The day before the public programme in Madrid I was alone in the room with Shri Mataji absorbing vibrations from Her Divine Feet and suddenly She started having a heated debate with someone in a language incomprehensible to me. When Mother realized that I did not see anyone in the room, She interrupted the debate.

‘Javier, I’m having a very strong discussion with Jesus Christ, who refuses to open the Agnya chakra of the Spanish people in the programme of tomorrow. He is angry with them because in His name they exterminated over six million Indians in America,’ She explained.

Later Mother asked me to leave the room and the debate continued. The next day we went to the programme, which was held in a room at the University of Madrid.

Javier, do not worry, last night I came to terms with Jesus. He agreed to open the Agnya chakra today provided that I publicly denounce all the atrocities they have done in His name,’ She said.

Thus began the conference: 

‘I thank God that Christopher Columbus was wrong and did not come to India as planned, because otherwise I would not be here talking to you, as you would have exterminated us as well.’ 

The speech continued as strong as this throughout the session and I confess I felt quite tense and feared that after the programme the Spanish Civil Guard would expel us.

‘Those who do not want it can leave the room,’ Mother said before giving self realisation, but to my surprise no one did. After the realisation She very happily said, ‘All have got it,’ and many came to Her Feet to thank Her, crying.

Javier Valderamma

Shri Mataji in Madrid, 1985

Some resources on the Native American Genocide: